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TV Documentary: Mijn Missie (My Mission – Dutch TV)

In the TV program My Missions UN veterans revisit the countries they were posted many years ago. They explore the impact of their military mission and experience if and how things have changed in the years since their departure. Cambodia is the subject of one of the episodes.

TV Documentary My Mission TV Documentary My Mission

Asia Express

Asia Express takes 18 people on an epic journey that money cannot buy. In 9 teams they race against each other across Asia. The winning team collects a large cash prize.

Asia Express Asia Express Peking Express



Das Westmont College USA nützt regelmäßig unser Angebot für ihre Reisen nach Kambodscha. Beinahe jedes Jahr kommt eine Gruppe von 30 StudentInnen, um Menschenhandel in Südostasien zu studieren. Die Reisen, die wir für sie entwerfen, beinhalten beides – die Besichtigung der für ihre Studien relevanten Stätten sowie auch die Besichtigung der Sehenswürdigkeiten.

University USA University USA University USA

Skoda Germany

With the help of Skoda Germany and GF MediaMarketing, we organized a promotional tour for Skoda Yeti (4WD) in Cambodia. Our participation in the tour ranged from finding the best spots for the filming and dealing with the filming permits to arranging accommodation and meals. The tour was featured on Auto bild, the most popular car magazine in Germany, as well as on PS- das Automagazine, a TV program broadcasted on German channel NTV.

Skoda Koh Kong Skoda Mud Skoda River


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